State-of-the-Art Refrigeration Testing Facility

To accelerate the development and commercialisation of Aircell® technology, we have invested in a state-of-the-art refrigeration testing and research facility. The new laboratory is part of a £4.2 million investment in resources to help us, and our consortium partners, take Aircell° technology to new levels and meet retailers’ specific merchandising requirements in the UK and abroad.

The facility includes three environmental chambers for testing to BS EN ISO 23953, which is the accepted industry standard for the testing of refrigerated display cases. They also provide the resources to meet and exceed future test standards. The energy efficient facility incorporates the latest design features, including a single control system to regulate humidity, temperature and fan speed within the chambers, backed by sophisticated data acquisition and monitoring systems.

In addition, we have established a dedicated facility, housing CAD resources and a sophisticated computational fluid dynamics’ suite, for the numerical analysis of complex issues, relating to fluid flows and simulation scenarios such as turbulent flows.

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